Refill salts

Refill your ceramic Salt Odyssey mill - protect the environment!

Refill pure sea salt from Messolonghi

Description:100% natural sea salt from Messolonghi.

The clean crystal grains of salt odyssey’s natural sea salt can be grinded while cooking or can be used as a finishing salt in all your favorite dishes.

Awards: OLYMP 2019 Silver, GREAT TASTE 2019 1 star

Refill smoked sea salt from Messolonghi

Description:  100% natural sea salt from Messolonghi. Smoked in beechwood (140 h.)

Enjoy it with seafood, marinades, soups, vegetarian dishes, beef steaks, fillets, salmon, roast potatoes, salads with fish and poultry.

Awards: OLYMP 2016 Bronze, GREAT TASTE 2016 1 Star, GREAT TASTE 2019 1 Star

Refill sea salt with Mediterranean herbs

Description:  100% natural sea salt from Messolonghi. With Mediterranean Herbs. Salt 90%, spice mix 10% (tomato, red pepper, rosemary, oregano).

Try it on raw tomatoes, Greek salads grilled meats, poultry and fish. Ideal for both fish and meat marinades.

Awards: OLYMP 2020 Silver, Great Taste 2020 1-Star


Refill sea salt with lemon and turmeric

Packaging: Ceramic mills 6x19cm, 200g

Description:  100% natural sea salt from Messolonghi. With lemon and turmeric.Salt 97%, lemon 3%, turmeric.

Add this wonderful salt to salads, soups, boiled vegetables and rice. It also brings out a special flavour when used with roast dishes.

Awards: OLYMP 2020 Gold

Refill sea salt with garlic and basil

Description:  100% natural sea salt from Messolonghi. With garlic and herbs. Salt 96%, spice mix 4% (garlic, basil), chlorophyll.

Goes perfectly with sauces, pesto, chicken, fish and other seafood and pasta.

Awards: OLYMP 2020 Bronze

Refill black pepper

Packaging: Glass jar with extra deep lid 70x70x60mm

Description:  100% natural. Black peppercorns.

Add this delicious pepper to meats, vegetables, poultry and soups. It brings out red meats perfectly.

Refill assorted peppers

Packaging: Ceramic mills 6x19cm, 90g

Description:  100% natural. Black, green, white & red. Assorted peppercorns (black, green, white, red). Origin: black.

Great for meat, shrimp and lobster pasta dishes, soups, minced meat dishes, kebabs burgers, meatballs, in sandwiches, marinades, sauces, vegetables and salads.


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