Executive Chef Kostas Magoulas

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Konstantinos Magoulas, Executive Chef, and Food & Beverage Manager started his culinary studies in 2008. Since then he has worked in every sector of professional kitchens.  Experience gained from mass cooking, gourmet plating, modernizing traditional dishes or creating unique recipes led him to be a part of a team that gained one Michelin star back in 2010, in Hytra Restaurant, Athens.

Crafting new menus, plating high-end gourmet dishes and working next to top-notch chefs, made him a successful private chef in a yacht. Working exclusively with high-end ingredients and creating a new menu every day for over 8 months, he created a love for natural, healthy cooking based on simple combinations.

Member of the Greek Chef’s Club, with appearances on Greek TV, he has worked with plenty of well-known chefs. Some of his main goals are to keep up with the market trends, using and improving new cooking techniques and organizing his own healthy-cooking classes.

His special talents include Food Photography and Food Styling; he decorates and pictures his creations himself.

Nowadays he is based in Bahrain,co-owning and managing a nut milk based company and developing numerous other businesses related to F&B and healthy clean food.

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